Yamaha YT150 Guitar Tuner Review

The Yamaha YT150 Guitar Tuner Features and Review

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The Yamaha YT150 guitar tuner is a traditional tuner with some great features.

Yamaha YT150 Performance

The Yamaha YT150 Guitar Tuner is able to tune any acoustic, guitar, and electric guitar. The Yamaha performs very well. It can tackle and effectively help you tune any 4, 5 or 6 string guitar. It comes with a built-in microphone and a quarter inch jack input. The Yamaha YT150 Guitar Tuner is also able to act as a liaison between the amplifier and guitar with the input and output jacks. If you need to tune in private this model also has a headphone jack for tuning privacy.

Yamaha YT150 Guitar Tuner Display

The Yamaha YT150 is able to tune your bass and your guitar. It is very affordable even though it possesses some high end features. At first glance you will notice that the LCD display allows for quick and easy pitch reference. An LED light is also incorporated to let the musician know whether the bass or guitar is flat or sharp. Since the LED emits a bright light, tuning in darker places, such as the stage, can be done with ease.

Yamaha YT150 Customer Review Yamaha YT150 5-star rating

The Yamaha YT150 has scored  a very impressive 5 stars out of 5 based on 8 customer reviews on Amazon, at the time of writing.

One reviewer on Amazon wrote, “This thing works great, and you’re nuts to not own this. It’s is easily worth $50 instead of the $20 I paid!”

Another said, “A simple but accurate tuner – more pitch-accurate that the Korg tuners.”

Yamaha YT150 Guitar Tuner Conclusion

A five star tuner. Yamaha has always been able to produce a quality piece of electronic equipment and the YT150 Guitar Tuner is no exception.  The YT150 as versatile as a chromatic tuner because you can only do EADGBE tuning, but that is all most users really need. Overall, Yamaha has put together a solid tuner that would serve as a solid investment for any musician.


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