TC Electronic PolyTune Review

TC Electronic PolyTune Technology Breakthrough

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Every now and then a new technological breakthrough will come through and completely revolutionize the way we look at something. The TC Electronic PolyTune guitar tuner has done just this. In fact we predict that once you try the TC Electronic PolyTune that you will question why no one has invented this earlier. Well, the wait is over and let’s jump right into what the TC Electronic PolyTune can offer you as a musician.

TC Electronic PolyTune tunes all the strings at once

Tired of tuning just one string at a time? How would you like to tune all of your strings at one time? (As you can see we are very excited about this new breakthrough in tuning technology for musicians.) Let’s face it, tuning can be very cumbersome and time consuming, but the TC Electronic PolyTune has changed all of that. This new breed of tuners allows you to simply strum all of your guitar strings at the same time and this revolutionary guitar tuner will let you know which strings need tuning. It’s faster and more reliable than any other tuner on the market.

Polyphonic Tuning

How does it work? Enter Polyphonic tuning. What used to take musician several minutes now takes only seconds.

The TC Electronic PolyTune will give you instant feedback on what strings are strummed and provide you a display showing which strings are in tune and which strings need to be tuned. If you play in a live setting, there’s nothing worse than trying to troubleshoot which string might be out of tune when the music doesn’t feel right. On a practical level, this can alleviate any nervousness or any embarrassment when taking away your attention away from the crowd and the music and focusing on a misbehaving string. This problem is now a thing of the past, just one strum and the TC Electronic PolyTune will show you which strings are out of tune.

TC Electronic PolyTune works with both guitar and bass

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The TC Electronic PolyTune can be used with a guitar or bass and reference pitches can be set from 435hz to 445hz. This allows you as a musician the versatility that you need to play with various musicians. This tuner will also allow for dropped tuning from flat E to B. The TC Electronic PolyTune also comes standard with a chromatic tuner that possesses extreme accuracy.

 Modes of chromatic tuning

There are two modes for chromatic tuning using the TC Electronic PolyTune:

1. Needle Mode

This is the standard mode that you will get with any standard tuner out there. This has been included to make this device even more versatile for those who are accustomed to old-school tuning.

2. Stream Mode

This mode will allow you to see even the slightest variation in pitch.

 More features of the TC Electronic PolyTune

Another great feature of the TC Electronic PolyTune is the fact that once you get close to being in tune the needle will slow down until you get to your desired note. This is extremely important for accuracy in tuning. The TC Electronic PolyTune does not stop there there, this tuner also possesses another groundbreaking feature called “MonoPoly”. This technology will  instantly recognize whether you are playing many strings or just one and will respond to you with either its polyphonic or monophonic tuning. 

TC Electronic PolyTune Conclusion

This tuner is affordable and in our oppinion well worth the money for all the features it offers. We predict that the TC Electronic PolyTune will be a staple among musicians who are serious about their music.

Where to buy Buy TC Electronic PolyTune

If you decide to buy TC Electronic PolyTune we suggest Amazon because the price is always amongst the cheapest online. You can order the TC Electronic PolyTune online safely from Amazon at the link below.

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