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Korg GA 40 Guitar Tuner Review

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The Korg GA 40 Guitar Tuner features the ultimate in guitar tuning technology. This superior tuner comes with a built-in, ready to use, LCD screen with the classic needle type sound measure display. The LCD is large enough that it’s easy to read from across the room. This excellent tuner is hand held, small and easy to carry with you. It comes with zinc-carbon batteries that allow up to 85 hours of continuous use. The perfect tuner for any electric guitar and bass guitar, the Korg GA 40 Guitar Tuner comes with the Sound Out function which, allows the player to tune by ear.

The Korg GA 40 Guitar tuner combines power and performance. Sleek, attractive, and thinly compact, this tuner was built with speed and mobility in mind. This pocket sized package is great for tuning on the go or in the studio. An Output Jack is part of this system and it allows you to tune your instrument while you play. This handy, high tech tuner comes with a convenient stand on the back of the tuner so, you can place the tuner on any surface and it will remain steady.

Korg GA 40 Guitar Tuner additional features

This tuner delivers high performance in a variety of powerful extra features that we detail below.

Korg GA 40 battery life

This tuner has many additional features that will help any musician reach their peak performance levels. The specialized function of the Auto Power Off feature keeps the battery life lasting even longer by automatically switching the unit to off when it has been left on for a period of twenty minutes. This helps to conserve the overall power and life of the batteries.

Korg GA 40 Quinta Flat mode

This high performance tuner also has a Quinta Flat tuning mode that allows the musician to tune their guitar in a process called, dropped tuning. Dropped tuning tunes the guitar down into the five semitones used mostly to produce a massively rich and deep sound often used in heavy metal music.

 Korg GA 40 Price

This Korg GA 40 Guitar Tuner is designed to help the musician deliver a high quality performance with perfect pitch, tuning, and sound. This tuner comes in right around anywhere from $15 to $30.00 dollars depending where it’s purchased. This is a tremendously good value. Amazon is typically one of the cheapest places to get the Korg GA 40.

Korg GA 40 Guitar Tuner Conclusion

A guitar tuner is must have tool for any guitar player, and the Korg GA 40 Guitar Tuner delivers high performance without a costly price tag. The mobility of this device is one of the best things about the Korg GA 40 Guitar Tuner. For a nice, affordable price any guitar player can make sure they’re always playing in tune without dragging a bunch of bulky equipment around.

The Korg GA 40 Guitar Tuner can be purchased online from Amazon quickly and securely. It’s inexpensive and really invaluable when it comes to playing in perfect tune every time. Whether you want to tune your guitar to sound like a heavy metal rock star, or use the tuner to play classical pieces of timeless music, the Korg GA-40 can help you do it in style. You need ever find yourself playing out of tune again.


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