Korg GA1 Guitar Tuner Review

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Many tuning devices have surfaced over the years but very few have stood the test of time like Korg, the makers of the Korg GA1 Guitar and Bass Tuner.

Korg GA1 is affordable and compact

The Korg GA1 Guitar Tuner is a very affordable guitar and bass tuner and it’s compact tilt design allows for easy viewing and it also comes with a special feature that will automatically shut off your tuner when left alone to help preserve your battery life. Small things like this make a big difference in a guitar tuner.

LCD digital meter display

The Korg GA1 Guitar Tuner has an LCD display that has a digital meter to help you get the most accurate tuning for your guitar or bass.

Bass and guitar modes

This guitar tuner is also very versatile with two different modes, bass and guitar. On the base mode, the GA1 will help you tune a bass that has either five or six strings. In the standard guitar mode, it has the capacity to tune a guitar up to seven strings. The Korg GA1 Guitar Tuner also comes standard with built-in tones that will allow you to tune your guitar from its internal speaker. But Korg doesn’t stop there, with the GA1 you can also tune your guitar or bass with 1-5 semitones flat that are built-in for music that requires lower than normal tuning.

Korg Reputation and design

What makes the Korg GA1 Guitar Tuner better than all the rest? Korg has an impeccable reputation for providing extremely high accurate training devices for the guitarist and bassist worldwide. In fact, the GA series is one of the best-selling series in tuners in the world. Coupling this with an extremely portable design makes this a win-win for the music enthusiast.

Korg GA1 Features

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With the Korg GA1 Guitar Tuner, you can easily go back and forth between guitar and bass mode. And to further help the guitarist, this tuner also has automatic pitch detection. It can support 6 string basses from the low-B to Hi-C and it will support a 7 string guitar from 7B to 1E. The mic is also very sensitive allowing for the most accurate tuning available from a portable device.

If you need a reference pitch to tune your guitar or bass, the Korg GA1 Guitar Tuner can also help. Just use the “sound out” feature and you will be able to get reference pitches from the internal speaker built into this tuner. This feature is very easy to use and you can progress through each key to help you you tune by ear.

If you play metal or other styles of music that require your guitar or bass to be tuned at lower levels, the Korg GA1 Guitar Tuner also has a “Quinta Flat” tuning feature that can extend up to five semitones that are under standard pitch. Why is this important? Up until now guitar tuners have only been able to support 4 semitones, this tuner takes that one step further providing you with one more semitone and can even support guitars that have extended frets beyond the standard guitar.

Battery Life

The Korg GA1 Guitar Tuner will give you around a 100 hours of accurate guitar tuning power and if you happen leave it on for 20 minutes then the built-in “auto power off” life saving battery function will preserve your battery. Remember, tuning is everything when it comes to music and having a tuner that can accurately help you tune your instrument is pivotal to you and your audience’s enjoyment of your music.

Korg GA1 Guitar Tuner Conclusion

The The Korg GA1 Guitar Tuner is a great value starter tuner with fantastic features for the price. For the novice guitar player the Korg GA1 is a great choice. At the time of writing this article Amazon have a great special offer on the Korg GA1. If you decide that this is the tuner for you, you can order safely and securely by clicking the link below:

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–>You can take advantage of the special offer on the Korg GA1 at Amazon when you


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