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Electric Guitar Tuner

Choosing the Right Electric Guitar Tuner

Electric Guitar Tuner

Electric Guitar Tuner

The function of an electric guitar tuner is to tunes the guitar to the correct pitch.  There are hundreds of electric guitar tuners on the market, and you can spend anywhere from $15 to $300 or more for a tuner.

The best thing to do when deciding on a electronic guitar tuner, is to decide the features that you will need from the tuner and decide how much you want to spend.

Electric Guitar Tuner Accuracy, Reliability, and Affordability

If you are a beginning guitarist, your needs will be different than those of a performer, or orchestra member.  In any tuner however, apart from any special features offered, you will need to look for three key things – accuracy, reliability, and affordability.

Electric Guitar Tuner Options:

To decide which electric guitar tuner is right for you we will examine all the features that are available.  We highlight which are the important features for beginners, and explain some of the more advanced features.

Display options

LED or LCD display? It is best for beginners to choose an electric tuner with LEDs to indicate sharp and flat notes.  The manual note selection option can be useful, and an off-note indication, telling you which way to tune is helpful.  LCD displays are harder to read, especially in a poorly lit room.

Chromatic Tuners

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Chromatic scale tuners are not imperative for beginners, but if you want to tune up or down half scales to be on pitch with another band member. Or if would rather tune your guitar pitch up or down instead of using a capo, then a chromatic tuner is essential.

Microphone Tuners

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Vibration tuners achieve a better perfect pitch in general, but microphone or “mic” tuners work well with acoustic guitars with steel or nylon strings.  Many electric tuners use vibration tuning with a built in mic, and are not that much more expensive.

Socket or Jack

If you are tuning an electric guitar, you will need a 1/4” jack socket to plug your guitar lead into, and no microphone is required.  It is helpful to have both an input and output jack on your guitar.  With two guitar leads, you don’t have to unplug your guitar from its amplifier, to plug into your tuner.  It just makes quick tuning easier.

Clip-On Tuners

Clip-on tuners are a relatively new invention, and can be used for both acoustic and electric guitars.  Clip-on guitar tuners tune through vibrations of the guitar’s notes, not through sound waves in the air, as a microphone does.  Clip-on guitar tuners are very small, and portable, and they clip right on to the head of the guitar.  The construction and lighting of clip-ons are important, in order to have easy viewing of the LED information.  These may not be the best choice for beginners, because some can be awkward to read and use.

Pedal Tuners

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Pedal tuners are a great choice for all electric guitarists.  They have all recommended features, and will last for many years.  They are generally more expensive, but if you can afford one, the pedal tuner is highly recommended.  They are not usually suitable for acoustic guitars, because they do not have a built-in microphone.

Strobe Guitar Tuner

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The strobe tuner is the most accurate, but also the most expensive type of guitar tuner.  It is made with a mechanically spinning disk which has strobe markers.  The disk spins at a fixed speed, while the strobe light flashes at a frequency determined by the string being tuned, using beat frequencies to determine tuning inaccuracies.

If the strobe display appears to be moving left, the note is flat, if it is moving right, the note is sharp, and if the strobe stops, you are perfectly in tune.

Vibration Tuners (Piezo)

The vibration tuner is preferred for precision, especially in noisy environments where there is background noise, or other instruments involved.  Many brands come with built in microphones for acoustic guitars.  They come in various styles, but all work on the principle of a piezo sensor using vibrations.

Microphone tuners

These tuners rely on sound waves instead of vibration to check pitch.  They are made in free standing, clip-on, and pedal styles, and they have the most options to choose from in functionality and features.  Pitch accuracy can be affected however, by any loud background noises, so they are not necessarily recommended for use on stage with other instruments involved, because of the variation of accuracy.

Ease of use, tuning accuracy, individually preferred features, and manufacturer support, are all features to look for in tuners.  Easy-to-use features, and display, internal mic, cable input, tuner recalibration, and auto shut off, are all things to look for in tuner features.

Many of the additional features are up to the user’s preference, and how much they can afford to pay for an electric tuner.  Some people do not like to rely on, or cart extra batteries back and forth, and prefer chargers, but some chargers may experience current surges, or drops which can affect tuning.  Most manufacturers offer both types of power charge.

Recommended Manufacturers of Electric Guitar Tuners


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Korg  is probably one of the best known electric guitar tuner manufacturers, and has a reputation for provide for the accurate and precise tuning.  Korg guitar tuners offer advanced features such as Sound Out mode, Quinta Flat tunings, and it supports modern six-string basses as well as seven-string guitars.  Korg is known world-wide for its excellence and technology.

Korg AW2G Guitar Tuner Review

Korg CA1 Guitar Tuner Review

Korg GA 40 Guitar Tuner Review

Korg GA1 Guitar Tuner Review

Planet Waves

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Planet Waves is a great choice for strobe tuners, and chromatic pedal tuners.  They are extremely accurate, easy to use, and affordable.


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Behringer is billed as the “ultimate guitar and bass tuner”, and the price is extremely affordable for the quality.

Behringer TU300 Guitar Tuner Review

Other Manufacturers

Other quality electric guitar tuners are made by Fender, Peterson, Sabine, Polytune, Intelli, SNARK, and DigiTech.  These manufacturers make quality products for reasonable prices, and their electric tuners are accurate and reliable.

Articles on this website can offer help in selecting an appropriate tuner for your needs and there are reviews of all the best guitar tuners.

If you are overwhelmed by the many choices, start with a simple and inexpensive tuner if you are a beginner. Read the reviews on this website to help you choose the right guitar tuner your needs.

Remember, the most important thing about a guitar tuner is that it is accurate, and is easy to use, and that suits your budget


Electronic Guitar Tuner



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Behringer TU300 Guitar Tuner Review

The Behringer TU300 Chromatic Guitar Tuner

Behringer TU300 Guitar Tuner

Behringer TU300 Guitar Tuner

The Behringer TU300 guitar tuner is aimed at the professional or advanced guitar player, rather than the novice guitarist.

Behringer TU300 Features

The Behringer TU300  provides three different guitar modes (regular, flat, double flat).

Three bass modes (regular, flat, double flat), and also a chromatic setting.

The Behringer TU300  enables standard tuning, detuning, or tuning of your own design.

The TU300 tunes quickly, easily and accurately

The TU300 is operated via a footswitch. It features a bright LED display to tell you what note it’s reading, and guarantees accurate tuning from 438 Hz to 447 Hz.

Behringer TU300 Video Review

Behringer TU300 Conclusion 4 star rating

The TU300 is a fully featured, versatile tuner. It is an accurate, well designed and compact tuner. While this is great for guitar tuning, it does not perform as well on bass and for that reason we are only able to give the Behringer 4 out of 5 stars.

If you don’t need to tune a bass guitar then this limitation won’t affect you, and in that case we would hightly recommend this tuner.

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Electronic Guitar Tuner

Behringer TU300Behringer TU300Behringer TU300Behringer TU300

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Korg AW2G Guitar Tuner Review

The Korg AW2G clip-on-tuner

Korg AW2G guitar tuner

Korg AW2G guitar tuner

If you are looking for an inexpensive, compact and flexible tuner, then the Korg AW2G Guitar Tuner might be

just what you are looking for. Korg has an excellent reputation of producing some of the best tuners that the world has to offer and the Korg AW2 Guitar Tuner is no exception. Korg is one of the most trusted names in the tuning industry and we are confident you will be happy with this model as well.

Korg AW2G clip-on-tuner design

The Korg AW2G Guitar Tuner is a clip-type tuner, a very popular and type of tuner because they can be left on whist playing. Many clip-type tuners have drawbacks in the sense that they generally do not fit a wide variety of guitars, but Korg takes care of this issue by providing a proprietary design for the “jaws” of this device so it can fit naturally on any size guitar and not interfere with tuning. In fact, it comes with 2 clips, one large and one small so it can adapt to almost any instrument.  In tuning, it is truly the little things that matter! Korg has also included a double ball joint that allows for maximum movement either up/down/left/right. This was a small issue with earlier models such as the AW1 and 2, but has now been completely corrected and solved with the AW2G model.

Korg AW2G Features


AW2 LCD display

The Korg AW2G Guitar Tuner also has a LCD display that is easy to see and comes with 3 different illumination modes. Since each musician prefers different levels of illumination and each playing location differs in lighting, this makes the AW2G a great choice for tuning versatility. In fact, this tuner will auto-change from a bright mode to a dimmer mode then finally to auto-shut off when not being used, which is a great energy-saving function to preserve the battery life.

How the Korg AW2G Guitar Tuner Works To Create Error Free Tuning

The AW2G gives anyone cable free tuning by measuring string vibration. This makes this tuner “smarter” than other tuners because each note has a specific rate at which it vibrates and the Korg AW2G Guitar Tuner “knows” this and can help you tune accordingly. This tuner is also a very practical choice because, unless you are alone, it is nearly impossible to get into an environment quiet enough to effectively tune a guitar. With the Korg AW2G Guitar Tuner detecting and matching note vibrations, the result is a perfectly tuned instrument. Ever had a tuner that a problem picking up low E? It creates many musical limitations. This problem is not a concern with the AW2G because of its accuracy. After all, it’s a Korg, what else can we say!

Korg AW2G reference pitches and memory

The Korg AW2G Guitar Tuner has reference pitches from 410Hz-480Hz adjusting in 1Hz increments. This model also comes with a memory function to remember your calibrations.

Korg AW2G size

It weighs a little over half an ounce inducing the battery and can barely be seen behind the headstock when on stage.

Korg AW2G User Review 4.5 star rating

At the time of writing the Korg AW2G scores 4.3 out of 5 stars based on 47 user reviews on Amazon. One reviewer wrote, “I’m very pleased with it and would recommend it to anyone looking for a well designed, nice guitar tuner.”  Another user said, “Over the years I’ve gotten, and used, about 6 different electronic tuners and this one beats them all”

Korg AW2G conclusion    4.5 star rating

The Korg AW2G clip-on-tuner is an accurate, well designed and compact tuner. For music enthusiasts, it is often the little things that matter. If you want a clip-on-tuner details like size, screen visibility and ability of the tuner to stay on the guitar firmly really matter. To create a great clip-on-tuner you have to address these issues and Korg has done just that with the Korg AW2G electronic guitar tuner. We highly recommend the Korg AW2G if you are looking for fully featured and inexpensive clip-on-tuner.

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Electronic Guitar Tuner

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Korg CA1 Guitar Tuner Review

The Korg CA1 Guitar Tuner

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If you are looking for a reliable, compact tuner, then you really don’t need to look further than the Korg CA1 Guitar Tuner.

Korg has been producing quality products for the music enthusiast for over a decade. Korg’s earlier model, the CA-30 has continued to be one of the best-selling tuners throughout the world. What makes Korg so popular and has given Korg such a powerful presence when it comes to tuners? The answer is the accuracy and range of functions that Korg tuners provide.

Now, Korg brings you the same quality with their CA1, but at a lower price point. Now quality and affordability meet together to create a tuner that definitely stands head and shoulders above the rest. The Korg CA1 Guitar Tuner is a very compact, LCD needle style tuner that can meet the needs of any music enthusiast.

Now let’s go over how the features of the CA1 that can help you, the music enthusiast stay in tune at all times!

Korg CA1 Guitar Tuner Features

Needle-style chromatic tuner

The Korg CA1 Guitar Tuner is a needle-style chromatic tuner. For those who are not familiar with the different types of tuner, a chromatic tuner, as opposed to a pitch tuner, will allow you to play a single note and the tuner will let you know if the note is flat or sharp.  It will also show you how far note is from being in tune. Remember, the key when buying a Chromatic tuner is its precision and accuracy. As a musician, nothing is more frustrating than playing out of tune and not being to able to get back in tune. Korg helps you solve these problems with the Korg CA1 Guitar Tuner.

Pitch preference tone and calibration

The CA1 also comes with a pitch preference tone as well as marks for pure major and minor thirds. With this tuner, you can successfully calibrate to a wide selection of concert pitches for your tuning needs. The Korg CA1 Guitar Tuner works very well for guitars and even works for brass instruments.

Compact design and Built-in Microphone

The design of the CA1 is incredibly compact for the range of functions and features that the tuner has, and it also includes an internal microphone.

Needle-style design

The Korg CA1 can also cover a wide pitch range from C1-C8. While you are tuning your instrument, you will notice that the needle-style design that is extremely accurate is letting you know how close you are to being in tune. The key advantages of needle-style tuning are precision and accuracy.

Tuning by ear

For those who love to tune by ear, the CA1 also features a “sound-out” function that will allow you to scroll through each note at the touch of a button which will bring the perfect pitch to your ear from its internal speaker.

Power saving

The CA1 features an auto power-off function that will auto shut off if the tuner has not been used for 20 minutes. This feature alone can help this tuner pay for itself by curbing the cost of replacement batteries.

Memory backup function and batteries

The Korg CA1 Guitar Tuner also has a memory backup function so it can keep track of all of your calibrations. The model also includes 2 AAA batteries that should give you over 100 hours of continuously error free tuning.

Korg CA1 Guitar Tuner Conclusion

If you are serious about tuning, then the Korg CA1 Guitar Tuner is just the tuner you need. With its accuracy and Korg’s standing behind their product, you just can’t go wrong with this tuner.


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Electronic Guitar Tuner


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Yamaha YT150 Guitar Tuner Review

The Yamaha YT150 Guitar Tuner Features and Review

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The Yamaha YT150 guitar tuner is a traditional tuner with some great features.

Yamaha YT150 Performance

The Yamaha YT150 Guitar Tuner is able to tune any acoustic, guitar, and electric guitar. The Yamaha performs very well. It can tackle and effectively help you tune any 4, 5 or 6 string guitar. It comes with a built-in microphone and a quarter inch jack input. The Yamaha YT150 Guitar Tuner is also able to act as a liaison between the amplifier and guitar with the input and output jacks. If you need to tune in private this model also has a headphone jack for tuning privacy.

Yamaha YT150 Guitar Tuner Display

The Yamaha YT150 is able to tune your bass and your guitar. It is very affordable even though it possesses some high end features. At first glance you will notice that the LCD display allows for quick and easy pitch reference. An LED light is also incorporated to let the musician know whether the bass or guitar is flat or sharp. Since the LED emits a bright light, tuning in darker places, such as the stage, can be done with ease.

Yamaha YT150 Customer Review Yamaha YT150 5-star rating

The Yamaha YT150 has scored  a very impressive 5 stars out of 5 based on 8 customer reviews on Amazon, at the time of writing.

One reviewer on Amazon wrote, “This thing works great, and you’re nuts to not own this. It’s is easily worth $50 instead of the $20 I paid!”

Another said, “A simple but accurate tuner – more pitch-accurate that the Korg tuners.”

Yamaha YT150 Guitar Tuner Conclusion

A five star tuner. Yamaha has always been able to produce a quality piece of electronic equipment and the YT150 Guitar Tuner is no exception.  The YT150 as versatile as a chromatic tuner because you can only do EADGBE tuning, but that is all most users really need. Overall, Yamaha has put together a solid tuner that would serve as a solid investment for any musician.


Electronic Guitar Tuner

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Electronic Guitar Tuner

The best electric guitar tuners

An electric guitar tuner is an essential piece of equipment for guitar players of all levels.  An electric guitar tuneris necessary for beginners because most of the beginner guitarist do not  know how to  tune the guitar by ear. For the expert and professional guitarist electric guitar tuners are just as useful for their ease and convenience.

In this article will be looking at how to choose the best electric guitar tuner for your needs.

Types of electric guitar tuner

Electronic Guitar Tuner

There are three main types of Electronic Guitar Tuner. There are tuners that simply clip-on to the guitar,  tuners that you plug your guitar into and finally tuners that are opperated by a pedal.

Clip-on guitar tuners

Clip-on guitar tuners are a very popular type of guitar tuners. Clip-on guitar tuners are inexpensive and easy to use which is why they are so popular. They are ideal for novice guitar players, but lack features such as metronomes and inputs. Clip-on guitar tuners such as the Snark SN-2 can be bought online for under $10.

Snark SN-2 Clip-on guitar tuner

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Plug–in guitar tuners:

This type of tuner has a built-in microphone, which is not available in other tuners. Plug–in guitar tuners often have additional featues such as a metronome. The Korg CA-40  Chromatic Tuner is a highly recommended tuner that costs around $50.

Korg CA-40 Large Display Auto Chromatic Tuner

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Pedal Guitar Tuners

This is the third main category among the guitar tuners. This type of guitar tuner comes in the form of foot pedal with pedal tuning effects. Pedal tuners are typicallly more expensive than Clip-on or plug-in tuners, but pedal tuners can be easliy used whilst playing and have additional features such as effects.

TC Electronic PolyTune Pedal Tuner

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Electronic Guitar Tuner

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Electronic Guitar Tuner Reviews

The Best Electronic Guitar Tuners

Electronic guitar tuners are used to tune the strings of both acoustic and electric guitars. Using guitar tuners enable finer and easier tuning. For most people using an electronic guitar tuner is much easier than tuning by ear. I find that an electric guitar is invaluable. Because tuning is less of a chore I tune-up more frequently and having my guitar always in tune really make practicing so much more enjoyable, and hopefully less annoying for my family!

Guitar tuner prices

Guitar tuners tuners are available from $10 to well over $500, so there should be one to suit everyone’s budget.

Guitar tuners under $20

Korg GA-40 Chromatic Tuner

The Korg GA-40 chromatic tuner is a good example of the type of electronic guitar tuner which comes under $20. Korg have an excellent reputation and the GA-40 works very well and gives fine tuning for the guitar strings. It has highly sensitive internal microphones which pick up the sound and tunes chromatically. Unlike some other inexpensive tuners the Korg GA-40 does have a good quality internal microphone. For the price the Korg GA-40 is very good value for money and would be near the top of my list for a sub $20 tuner

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Intellitouch PT-20 Tuner

The Intellitouch PT-20 Tuner another tuner around the $20 price point. The PT-20 tunes the strings chromatically is also a good basic electronic guitar tuner. The PT-20 does no have an internal microphone. Instead the tuner is attached to the head stock of the guitar with a clip having a sensor in it. The tuner senses the sounds of the strings. This has the advantage of enabling tuning the guitar strings in a noisy environment such as whilst onstage. The Intellitouch PT-20 Tuner has a battery life of 60 hours.

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Guitar tuners $20-$50

Korg TM 40 tuner

In this price bracket there are some really good guitar tuners. For example the Korg TM-40 is a tuner which has an internal metronome and comes in around at $33 online. It is worth noting that there are often good deals for this tuner on Amazon. The addition of a metronome can really help the guitarist keep time. The Korg TM 40 has an additional quarter inch output and a good an internal microphone and a good metronome. Overall a very good buy in our opinion. It is worth noting that there are often good deals for this tuner on Amazon.

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Guitar tuners $50-$100

My recommendations for  a Guitar tuners in the $50-$100 price bracket are:

Korg Pitchblack True Bypass Chromatic Tuner Pedal with 4 Display Modes and Seiko SAT1100 Chromatic Tuner

Korg Pitchblack

[easyazon_image add_to_cart=”default” align=”left” asin=”B0015RIN6U” cloaking=”default” height=”500″ localization=”default” locale=”US” nofollow=”default” new_window=”default” src=”” tag=”privat-20″ width=”467″]

The Korg Pitchblack is a Chromatic Pedal Tuner with a large, clear LED display. The Pitchblack meter display can be switched between four modes including:

Meter mode

Meter mode is like using a needle meter to tune your instrument.

Full Strobe mode

Tuning your guitar so that the LED meters stop streaming and the tuning guide LED’s are lit.

Half Strobe mode

In this mode when the guitar’s pitch is correct only the centre LED will be lit.

Mirror mode

In this mode you tune your guitar so that both tuning guide LED’s are lit.

The Korg Pitchblack is a fully featured pedal tuner that is excellent value for money.

[easyazon-block asin=”B0015RIN6U” align=”none”] Tuner Pedal with 4 Display Modes

Seiko SAT1100 Chromatic Tuner

The Seiko SAT1100 Chromatic Tuner is a fantastic tuner with a large clear VU Meter that makes tuning a breeze.

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Guitar tuners above $100

The TC Poly-Chromatic Tru-Bypass Pedal Tuner stands out for value and comprehensive features. The TC PolyTune has a list price of $149. Its grreat value at $149, but is currently on special offer at Amazon

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Seiko ST1200 Chromatic Tuner – Pro Model

The Seiko ST1200 Chromatic Tuner is a Pro tuner and this is reflected in both the features and the price. This is an excellent guitar tuner and the good news is that there are some great deals online for this tuner at the moment.

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Top Guitar tuner manufacturers

Who makes the best electronic guitar tuner? In the field of electronic guitar tuners, Korg, Intellitouch and Boss are well known brands that have top ranking for cost and quality.

Fender make their own guitar tuner so if you’re lucky enough to own a Strat, you might like to check out the matching Fender guitar tuner. Surprisingly this can be had online from around $75 from Amazon.

Other Guitar tuner manufacturers to check out include Ibanez, Planet Waves, and String Master who all also produce good quality guitar tuners.


Electronic Guitar Tuner





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Electronic Guitar Tuner Online

Online Electronic Guitar Tuners

Standard Guitar Tuning E A D G B E

At its most basic, Online Electronic Guitar Tuners just let you tune your guitar to recorded tones. You simply listen and tune along with the online video. Below is an excellent example of this sort of online tuner.

The following video is really helpful if you don’t own an Electronic Guitar Tuner. All you need to do is play your electric or acoustic guitar along with this onlive guitar tuning video and match the notes accordingly.


Electronic Guitar Tuner Online Apps

If you own an iPAd check out this great app fro the app store:

Gibson Learn & Master Guitar Application


Electronic Guitar Tuner

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Welcome To Electronic Guitar Tuner dot org

Electronic Guitar

Hi and welcome to Electronic Guitar

I’ve been playing guitar for the last 30 years and I’m passionate about all aspects of guitar playing. Getting my first guitar tuner really helped my guitar playing and I want to help pick the best  guitar tuner to make sure that you get the most out of your guitar.

My guitar tuners

I currently use 6 different guitar tuners and I want to share with you my reviews and help you pick the guitar tuner that is right for you and your budget.

My first guitar tuner

My first guitar tuner was a simple clip on tuner costing under $20. At the time I was paying $30 a lesson and that tuner made more difference to my playing than a month of lessons. I’d say that buying a guitar tuner was one of the best investments I’ve made.

Electronic Guitar Tuner reviews

We will be reviewing all the major Guitar Tuner manufacturers including,  Korg, Intellitouch, Boss, Ibanez, Planet Waves, and String Master

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Electronic Guitar Tuner

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